May 18

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May 18

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We are having trouble posting photos since Microsoft forced a switch to "One Drive". So I'm sorry but no photos to accompany this trip report.

Today we set out to hopefully find the Obsidian Bear and some wolves. We struck out on both of those but did see some other neat wildlife. Started with a black bear along the Madison River. Near Blacktail Ponds there were a pair of Bald Eagles on a weeks old Bison carcass. A little further along and there was a fairly significant jam with some big lenses out. We asked what was being seen and were told wolf pups. Turns out there was a coyote den but we just let them enjoy their "wolf pups".

We passed a couple of moose near Hellroaring but kept going in search of wolves. Then near the Tower Ranger station 3 coyotes were and one crossed the road just behind us. We didn't realize there was more to see there until later.

At the Slough den site there were lots of people and navigating the road was a challenge. A couple of wolves had been in and out of the den, but nothing being seen at that time. After about 45 minutes of no activity we decided to head into Lamar Valley.

We passed a second coyote den with nothing currently visible. On our way back we just missed seeing a baby badger, but mom came and took it back in the sage. We had 2 pronghorn running parallel with our vehicle doing about 40 mph. Don't know if something spooked them or they were just running for fun.

Dunraven Pass opened a week early so we decided to head back that way. Just north of Tower Falls there was a mama bear with two new cubs up a tree. The mama was about half way up, but the cubs were almost at the top. The wind was swaying the tree but they all seemed content. It's amazing more of the cubs don't fall. Eventually the cubs awoke and scooted down the tree to mom who was awake now also. They greeted each other then got comfortable and went back to sleep. Soooo cute!

While there we were told that besides the coyotes, there was a grizzly by the Tower ranger station. So back down we went to Tower and sure enough, there was a grizzly taking a snooze about a hundred yards out. It raised its head for us so we could get a good look. We were also treated to a couple of bison bulls testing each other. They squared off and butted heads a couple of times. pushing each other around. And just like that it was over and they went back to grazing.

If we can figure it out, we'll post pictures soon.

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Re: May 18

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Nice! Hope you guys have better luck with wolves than I did.

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