Felecia the Grizzly Has Twin Cubs June 2

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Felecia the Grizzly Has Twin Cubs June 2

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Because Karen's grandmother passed away, we needed to make a trip back east. We left on May 23 with snow and slick roads, returning on June 2 to 79 degrees. On our way back we came through Togwotee Pass. We were wondering if Felecia, the grizzly who frequented the roadside with her cub two years ago, was still around. Just west of the pass we had our answer. About 10 cars were pulled off the road, ignoring the no stopping signs that threatened citations. We pulled off across the road in a trailhead drive. We were able to catch glimpses through the gaps in the parked cars as she and her two cubs wandered closer to the road. Once again, some people were out of their cars, way too close.

ImageDSCF9894 by William Reinke, on Flickr

We were able to get a couple of shots as they moved parallel to the road.

ImageDSCF9893 by William Reinke, on Flickr

It was neat to see her again. Hopefully, she is a better mother this time around. However, when we first pulled up, this cub was quite a ways away from her.

ImageDSCF9885 by William Reinke, on Flickr

It is interesting to contrast her mothering with that of 399. The times we have observed 399, she keeps a close tab on her cubs and they don't stray too far away. Maybe we're reading more into it than what is there, but that's our impression.

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