Trip Report May 10

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Trip Report May 10

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Started out early and drove east. Went all the way to the East Entrance, then went back and forth between Otter Creek and Bridge Bay, keeping an eye on Fishing Bridge and parking there for an hour or so at a time on and off, waiting for the owl to come back, and saw nothing all day long except a grizzly sow and cub about a mile and a half away.
I headed back to the Canyon gas station to get an early dinner before they closed, and on the way, I saw a couple Wapiti Lake wolves about 500 yards away.
It had been snowing on and off all afternoon, but after I got dinner, it started coming down in buckets and I stopped at the mouth of the Hayden because I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me. I decided to head back to Gardiner even though it was only a quarter after five.
I was a bit bummed because I basically hadn't taken a photo all day...and then I ran across a grizzly jam at Roaring Mountain. 815, Obsidian, was there with her two 2-year-old cubs and they were very close to the road. I found a parking spot and took a few hundred photos and felt much better about the day.

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Re: Trip Report May 10

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Lol, I'm going through your trip reports backwards. I spent Monday at Sheepeater Cliff with a pika, then down to the Madison. I got delayed watching nothing on the carcass there, then backtracked back to the west entrance to report someone flying a drone at Madison Junction. The delay caused me to get caught up in a decent snowstorm around Norris, but my day got better when I (and a couple other cars) came up on Obsidian and cubs taking a stroll down the road near Roaring Mountain just before dark.

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