Montana Legislature Wages All Out War Against Wildlife

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Montana Legislature Wages All Out War Against Wildlife

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The Montana Legislature has passed a series of measures that are designed to greatly reduce the top-of-the-food-chain predators in the state. These bills take wildlife "management" back over a century to the primitive forms of killing most of wolves and black bears in the state. It also affects grizzly bears in that efforts to relocate problem bears can now be replaced by simply killing them.

Montana had been taking a much more balanced approach to wildlife management, but this is no longer the case. This comes on the heels of the newly elected governor illegally (he hadn't taken the mandated course for trapping) trapping and killing a Yellowstone collared wolf who had wandered out of the park.

These measures will allow metal noose trapping, dog hunting of black bears, summer "chasing" of black bears for training, reimbursement for hunting wolves (bounties) along with other anti-wildlife laws. This is very disheartening to supporters of wildlife. Please see the article below.

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