I'm Back

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I'm Back

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Thank you for granting me access to the new Y-Net. I had been gone for quite awhile because of my job and school. I finished my Master's Degree in Biology in May 2018, but I immediately had to start traveling frequently to Southeast Asia. I was in Asia for three weeks and then back in the US for two weeks for nearly a year. The last year has been interesting and I learned a lot about office politics. I went from #2 in the facilities organization for a Fortune 500 company to being moved to the side when my long term boss (almost 20 years) retired. I took a voluntary severance package at the end of April, and am now seeking gainful employment.

I personally hope that I do not find anything until October, so that I can get back into my photography. I hope the virus settles down so that I can get back to Yellowstone. My last trip to Yellowstone was the spring of 2017.

I will be sharing photos soon so that we can get back to dreaming about wonderland.

Thanks again. (I cannot remember if I used westskies or sweetlu60 as my handle in the past).

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