GTNP 11 - 17 May 2019

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GTNP 11 - 17 May 2019

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Was in the tetons last week. Weather was much warmer last week with just some scattered showers popping up. This week is much colder with more rain and snow in Yellowstone and GTNP. I have moved to YNP for this week.

Last week in GTNP Blondie and her two two-year olds were making regular appearances near Pilgrim creek meadows several consecutive days. Never found 399 and her two year olds. Found a new sow Felicia with two coys outside the park a bit. Boars were apparently after her. We got one good day of images with her. Next day the coys were gone, but she was there. Never saw the coys again, but according to some Facebook pages she found one of her coys. Apparently the other didn't survive. Was there in the same area Felicia had been hanging out a couple of days later, and we found a large boar right on the side of the highway. He was acting very strangely. Crossing the highway multiple times hanging out on the shoulders alway sniffing the air. He appeared very agitated. There was considerable saliva caked and dripping from his lower mouth. We surmised he was looking for Felicia and possibly attempting to kill her coys. We have since left GTNP, and heard Felicia left.

Our focus was mainly on the grizzlies. I captured more that 1000 images in the time we were there.

Saw lots of elk at a distance. A few moose cows. One consistently hanging out on Moose-Wilson road near the beaver ponds.

Park is not too crowded yet, but overall not a lot of wildlife sightings other than the grizzlies.

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