The stupidity is now dangerous

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The stupidity is now dangerous

Post by Mike »

Unlike the idiots of late who have only endangered themselves now we have someone discharging a firearm in the park,the reason ? wolves were chasing his dog.I am sure that this person knew that dogs must be on leashes,I am pretty sure he was aware that the discharge of a firearm in a park is illegal under any circumstance.I'll bet that he was also close to a roadway another very serious violation of the law.

If you were near Sedge Bay on Saturday the 22nd and saw anything that can help the Park Service please report it ... 4b905.html

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Re: The stupidity is now dangerous

Post by JennyA »

Wow, that is truly a new level of selfishness and irresponsibility. Sigh. Hope they catch this guy and throw the book at him.

A couple of years ago, I was fishing at Trout Lake. There were half a dozen or so people enjoying the warm fall day, when this older man and his small white terrier show up. No leash, not supposed to be there at all. Adding insult to injury was the guy's attitude. He was quite belligerent, swearing at people who were telling him to remove the animal. The dog was pretty annoying, coming up to everyone and sniffing and barking. I might have accidentally stepped on him when he came up to me, oops. There were a couple of photographers on the lake who were trying to get shots of wildlife, and they began following the man and dog and snapping a LOT of photos, to the man's increasing irritation. They also had a radio and managed to hail a park ranger, who apparently met the jerk at the trail head.

Not the same level of dangerousness and stupidity as the recent scofflaw, but in the same vein. :roll:

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Re: The stupidity is now dangerous

Post by billandkaren »

Yeah. It's amazing we don't have more tragedies with the way people act. I guess when you consider that millions of people visit the parks, most act responsibly. But we have seen quite a number who are either stupid or just don't care.

A couple years ago we were stuck in a bear jam around Tower where Rosie (I believe) and her cubs were on the hillside making their way down to the road. Some guy drives up the opposite direction, gets only half way off the road and parks his pickup. As he is starting to get out, I rolled down my window and told him that he needed to stay in his truck and get it off the road. He hesitated but decided to go ahead and get out anyway. By then Rosie is right around the back end of his pickup. I could see her but he couldn't. I said in a more stern voice, "Sir, you had better get back in your truck. There is a mother bear with cubs right behind your truck." He totally ignored me and proceded to walk to the back of his truck. Rosie comes around the truck and they face each other not more than five feet away. He then gets scared and runs to the door of the truck, but he apparently locked the door and couldn't get in. He then runs dodging between cars to get away. It would have been funny if it hadn't been so dangerous. Fortunately, Rosie did not react and just continued to cross the road with her cubs behind.

We were out by Sedge Bay on Saturday afternoon the 22nd and drove up the overlook. We did not see any wildlife and nothing out of the ordinary with the tourists. I wonder what time this incident took place? Anyway, we missed the action.


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