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Post by Melling »

Any bear sightings yet?

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Re: Bears....

Post by RikWriter »

I haven't seen any here in Florida... :lol:

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Re: Bears....

Post by bridger1215 »

I was in the Park this weekend and heard of one sighting in Swan Flats and one in Pelican Creek. Both unconfirmed.

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Re: Bears....

Post by Mike »

" On Tuesday, March 6, staff observed an 11-year-old male grizzly bear wearing a radio collar in the west-central part of the park. On Wednesday, March 7, employees reported seeing a grizzly bear in the east-central part of the park." ... 12293.html

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Re: Bears....

Post by Kat »

Bill Hamblin posts sightings of bear, wolf, and moose sightings on the Yellowstone Up Close and Personal site at (not .com!).

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