Lamar River or Black Canyon ?

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Lamar River or Black Canyon ?

Post by Toucan217 »

I am planning a 4 days/3 nights backpacking trip to Yellowstone in mid-June. I have zeroed down to 2 areas depending on what could be open (snow-free) that time of the year and what is quintessential Yellowstone.

1. Lamar River: As per the BC rip planner on this area becomes snow-free by early July. But if the snow is not too bad could this be doable in mid-June ?
Also we would have to steer clear of the BMA H and I which would be closed that time of the year.
2. Black Canyon: The campsites for this area are definitely snow-free in mid-June. My plan would be to start from Hell Roaring TH and then side-trip to buffalo plateau and then along the river to finish at Blacktail creek.

Please help me to decide.

Also my friend and I are looking for 2 more people. We would prefer a group of 4 to feel safe in grizzly country. Anybody would like to join ?

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Re: Lamar River or Black Canyon ?

Post by billandkaren »

Sorry, I have not done either of the itineraries you are talking about, but just from the locations, it appears that the Black Canyon route would be the safer bet as far as snow cover. Of course, anything can happen in Yellowstone at that time of year. Carry bear spray!

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Re: Lamar River or Black Canyon ?

Post by Woolly the Mammoth »

I would opt for the Black Canyon at that time of year. Hellroaring Creek will be a challenging crossing. Cache and Miller Creeks could be challenging crossings on the Lamar trail. If you plan to travel to the upper parts of the Lamar drainage, you will definitely encounter snow. Snowpack is higher than normal this year.

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