May 20

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May 20

Post by RikWriter »

Abandoned Grand Teton for Bridge Bay campground. Was immediately rewarded with a young grizzly boar near the campground, then another wading in the Yellowstone River in the Hayden Valley, fishing. Went up the road to Sedge Bay and finally got to see and photograph the young grizzly sow Snow near Steamboat Point.
Was heading into Canyon to microwave some dinner when I pulled off to look at two wolves and a grizzly across the river far away. I headed on to Canyon when I saw a wolf walking on the opposite side of the road from the river only 100 yards or so away and pulled over to get shots of it.
I keep checking for the great grey owl but no luck so far.

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Re: May 20

Post by Nordwil »

Thanks for posting these Rik! We arrive on Thursday and this info has been very helpful. Sounds like your good days more than make up for any slow ones!
We're 2 nights at the Lake, 2 at Canyon and then one each at Cooke City and Mammoth before hitting Chico on our way back to Bozeman. Hopefully that gives us some time to explore the areas near each.

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Re: May 20

Post by lah »

Rik, sounds like a really good day. Happy for you!

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Re: May 20

Post by Mike »

Sounds like things are picking up around the lake and Hayden,it's always a thrill to get a wolf in close,can't wait for your photos

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Re: May 20

Post by yellvet »

Holy Karumba, Rik! Sounds like you're finally being rewarded for all your patience, persistence and for all the bad weather that Mother Nature has been dumping on you. I'm tickled that your day was so productive. May you be blessed with more critter sightings and more photo ops on your way back to Bozeman. :)

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