Favorite quiet spot in Yellowstone

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Favorite quiet spot in Yellowstone

Post by taylorcpa »

My husband and I will be making our 4th trip to Yellowstone next August to celebrate our 25th anniversary. I imagine it will be crowded at the park so I am looking for some places that we can get away from the masses. Do you have any you want to share?

One of my favorite memories was going down the Blacktail Plateau drive one September. We stopped the vehicle and just sat there enjoying the quiet!

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Re: Favorite quiet spot in Yellowstone

Post by Kat »

Congrats on your twenty-fifth anniversary! Yellowstone is certainly a spectacular place to celebrate!
My husband and I truly enjoy the Yellowstone Picnic Area Trail. It isn’t considered a difficult hike, and you certainly will not feel any pressure from crowds. I always have the feeling of being on top of the world with the panoramic scenery found in every direction.
A second recommendation for a quiet place, one that can be done from a vehicle, is the Old Gardiner Road located behind the Mammoth Hotel. This, like the Blacktail, a one-way dirt road, and it exits near the North Entrance to the park. Viewing highlights include Mammoth Hot Springs and the Gardiner Canyon, and sometimes elk, pronghorn, and bighorn.
Hope you have a great trip! My husband and I began going to Yellowstone in 1973, and we can’t wait for our next trip in 2019.

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Re: Favorite quiet spot in Yellowstone

Post by Max »

The small box canyon along the Sheepeater Cliff trail. It's maybe a quarter to half mile tops from the parking lot, but rarely gets visitors (especially in the morning).


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Re: Favorite quiet spot in Yellowstone

Post by yellvet »

In early June I always make it a point to stop and park at a pullout that's just west of Elk Park. It's right along the Gibbon. I call it my Secret Place. Lots of hungry trout at that location if you enjoy early June fly fishing. The fish aren't huge but they're plentiful and feisty. I also enjoy looking for and photographing all the rare/unusual wildflowers that dot the forest floor, the intricate detail of the yellow lily pads, the thermal features and the ospreys that are usually cruising over the River, looking for a trout meal. There aren't many people around. Just an angler or two. It's a wonderful place to just kick back and relax and breathe in all the beauty and marvels Yellowstone. It's my most favorite place to go to, in the early part of the season. Just being there, puts life's problems into perspective. And, when I leave, I usually have a big smile on my face, because my heart, soul and spirit feel so rejuvenated. There are several pullouts along that stretch of the Gibbon. So, it shouldn't be hard for you to find one that's quiet and to your liking. Just do some exploring. That's how I found my secret quiet place in Yellowstone, almost 40 years ago. :)

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Re: Favorite quiet spot in Yellowstone

Post by RikWriter »

My advice? Go to a pullout in Little America and walk off-trail about a mile.

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Re: Favorite quiet spot in Yellowstone

Post by Steve in the Library »

Wow, great question. I think I might have to say the Buffalo Ford Picnic Area. Especially if you walk north along the river a little ways.

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