Overturned Tanker Spills Gas and Closes Road

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Overturned Tanker Spills Gas and Closes Road

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Thursday morning a double tanker truck carrying gasoline overturned its back half spilling 3000 gallons of fuel along the road between Canyon and Fishing Bridge. The road is closed from just south of Mud Volcano to Fishing Bridge while the park assesses and cleans up the damage. They don't believe any fuel spilled into the Yellowstone River. The truck was delivering fuel to the park stations and there are no details as to the cause.

I can't believe they would allow a double tanker in the park :( . It's a mess and who knows what the impact will be.

The road between Old Faithful and Grant Village has fortunately reopened. There was rain in the park Thursday night which helped knock down some of the smoke and slow the spread of the fire by Lone Star Geyser.

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Re: Overturned Tanker Spills Gas and Closes Road

Post by Dorothy »

So sorry to hear about this -- a double tanker really has no place in Yellowstone!

Do you know if the road has been reopened? We are actually going to be in Grand Teton for just a couple of days and wondered if it would be worthwhile to try to get up into Hayden for an hour or two (simply don't have time to go all the way around Mammoth and then down to Lamar and back around -- sigh!)? Any way, if the road is still closed there's no reason to try to get up there, but if it's open, do you think it would be worth a try to get there? Has there been much wildlife action in Hayden lately (do you know? It seems you mostly get to Lamar (I've SO enjoyed your reports over the summer!). And have you heard anything about the Tetons? Any good places to go to try to see anything? We have a very limited amount of time, but ANY time is wonderful and we'll simply enjoy being there.

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