Good News On Soda Butte Creek Cleanup

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Good News On Soda Butte Creek Cleanup

Post by Mike »

The Billings Gazette has a good story on the Montana Department of Environmental Quality looking into removing five mile of Soda Butte Creek from the list of "Impaired waters" .The story goes into the history of the mining and cleanup and efforts to stop planned open mines in the Paradise Valley ... eea87.html

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Re: Good News On Soda Butte Creek Cleanup

Post by yellvet »

That's great news about Soda Butte, Mike. It's one of my most favorite fly fishing streams in the Park. Good to hear that it's on the road to recovery.

As to the halt of mining in the Paradise Valley, I sent an email not long ago to Jon Tester (our senator) to thank him for introducing and pushing through the bill in Congress that prohibits hard rock mining in the Paradise Valley. The Mine near my house wanted to expand its mining operation. While the Mine is the #1 tax payer and employer in our County, sadly, most people don't have a clue on how destructive a hard rock mining operation can be, not only to the environment but, more importantly, how detrimental it can be to the health of the local human and wildlife residents who live there. Jon has always been a hard line democrat. So we haven't agreed on much over the years. But when Jon introduced and pushed the bill through Congress that saved the Paradise Valley from mining, I jumped for kidding. In fact, I was so ecstatic that I sent Jon an email to thank him for all his efforts to help protect and preserve the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. When it comes to Yellowstone and its extended treasures in the gateway communities, politics are put aside. Montanans will always pull together in a united effort to help save, protect and preserve what they hold dear to their hearts...YELLOWSTONE. What Jon did for all the folks who love Yellowstone and the Paradise Valley, made me proud to be a Montanan and grateful that we have a senator like Jon Tester to represent us. Heck, if he continues down this path of doing good, I might even consider voting for him in the next election. :lol:

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