First Wyoming, Idaho... Now Montana.... Preparing behind the scenes...

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First Wyoming, Idaho... Now Montana.... Preparing behind the scenes...

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Montana isn't so innocent ..... They prepare while all eye's are on Wyoming.... ... =3&theater

MONTANA - Public commenting is open on Northern Continental Divide Grizzly Bear Population Rules. See link at the bottom to officially comment.

For grizzly bears to be taken off the threatened species list states must have safeguards to prevent grizzlies from going back on the list. Therefore, this rule demonstrates FWP's commitment to conserving grizzly bears.

The rule outlines that FWP will maintain at least 800 grizzly bears in the Primary Conservation Area (PCA) and Zone 1 (see map). There will be strict mortality limits for grizzlies in the PCA and Zone 1 to prevent the grizzly population from coming close or below to the 800 grizzly bear mark.

Zone 2 and Zone 3 currently has no explicit population objectives and no mortality limits (see map). Zone 2 is expected to be a connectivity area where grizzlies from the North will connect to the Yellowstone Population. Zone 3 is recognized as not a connectivity area as there is no major ecosystem for grizzlies to disperse to. Additionally, Zone 3 is considered marginal grizzly bear habitat due to agriculture dominating the landscape. Population objectives for Zone 2 and 3 would likely occur after de-listing through a state level public process. The first step towards defining population objectives for Zone 2 and 3 is de-listing grizzly bears.

The best place to submit public comments is on the FWP website at:

There will also be public meetings on the prairie to discuss these population rules:

On September 18, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. at Heritage Hall at Great Falls College-MSU, 2100 16th Avenue S., Great Falls.

On September 19, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. at Conrad High School, 308 South Illinois, Conrad.

Website info: ... =3&theater

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