Act NOW or Kiss your Grizzly Goodbye.....Deadline Aug 30th, 2018

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Act NOW or Kiss your Grizzly Goodbye.....Deadline Aug 30th, 2018

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As grizzly hunt nears, all eyes on Montana Court....... Tomorrow is the day, Thursday, August 30th, 2018,,,,, the fate of the Grizzly is in their hands.....

Please read and pass it on if you stand with the Grizzly, Help keep our wild places ....Wild.... ... 065854002/ ... ana-court/

Peoples comments in case you didn't read them at the bottom of the article....

Dewey Vanderhoff says

August 28, 2018 at 9:12 am

There is precise one – and only one – justification for citizens being able to shoot some small number of Yellowstone grizzlies. And it has absolutely nothing to do with wildlife conservation , ecology , or conflict management. That reason is Male Hominid EGO. Humans just gotta kill big scary animals to feel whole. That’s it. The entirety of justification for a Wyoming griz hunt.

The scheduled hunts are nothing more than management of appearances and ego gratification. The hunts will not alter the bear population dynamic in and of themselves, because like any other recent year Wyoming G&F and their federal overlords will somehow manage to remove 35-60 grizz from the ecosystem anyway , for a wide range of reasons including traffic kills, hunter kills, poaching , judge-jury-execution livestock reparation , and maybe even some fluke moratlities.

Truth be told, NOBODY knows how many grizzly live in the core Yellowstone ecosystem . It’s all presumptuous ; conjecture ; anecdotal gone amok ; or skewed science ( lots of THAT one). There might be over a thousand grizzly in the GYE , but there’s more likely 300 to 500. The working number of 700 is high , IMO. But the catch is Numbers Do Not Matter. it’s the habitat and overall health of the population that matter , not an accurate census.

Only when bears have established themselves in other habitats in other regions a good distance away from Yellowstone , and are inf act in number shigh enough that interconnectivity between the Canadian border all the way down the Continental divide to the Upper Green River basin, with robust population in the core of Idaho wilderness numbering in the ‘ many dozens ‘ should we think about a regionwide grizzly bear hunt plan irrespective of state management.

The bottom line is the various state wildlife agencies are the LAST , not the first agencies, that should be managing a restored delisted recovering grizzly bear across at least four States and the Provinces immediately north.

We are a long ways from that . Like any other species that knows nothing of state boundaries or is migratory , the States should not be given authority to manage. The grizzly is America’s Great Bear , not Wyoming’s. It should retain federal oversight under all forseeable circumstances for that reason.

Yes , we can afford to trophy kill a half dozen bears within the confines of Wyoming. Let it be known it is only political camouflage disguised as Bear Management and specie sustainability with a dash of States’ Rights. It will be done to give the blood sport crowd their 500 pounds of flesh for the purposes of quieting their high decibel atonal ovations. In other words, shut them up.

At the end of this 40 year saga to restore the Yellowstone grizzly , the best available science used to justify where we are at going forward was not Biology . It was Political Science. Ego , not Ecology. Keep that in mind.

Happy cam-hunting, Tom!

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Robb Gould says

August 28, 2018 at 9:00 am

I am sure hoping that decisions are made based on science, not emotion. The carrying capacity of the Parks and National Forests has been reached. The bears aren’t coming down into the Big Horn Basin because they’ve developed a taste for Pronghorns.
Older boar grizzlies routinely try to kill cubs to bring the sow back into estrus. Eliminating some of the boars will improve cub survivability.

City: Cody
State of Residence: Wyoming

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