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yellvet wrote:
Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:35 am
Finally broke down and decided to watch the last show of Yellowstone Live. I was really hoping that Nat Geo would get it right this time considering all the negative reviews on Part One. But instead of redeeming itself, Nat Geo merely added insult to injury. I mean really.....enticing and feeding a wild Yellowstone red fox with treats just so the the film crew could capture the fox on camera and the host could brag about his wildlife expertise and how he was feeding the "wild foxes" that were around his house in the UK? That was the biggest sin of all, IMO. On a positive note, at least the female host was wearing a flannel shirt and not a Calvin Klein original in the last show and they finally got the mics working. ;)

Nice try, Nat Geo but no cigar. Your global viewers, many which are long-time, repeat Yellowstone visitors are not stupid lemmings. And, most, if not all of them, would never consider feeding a wild animal in Yellowstone or in MT. After all, feeding wildlife is against the law in Yellowstone and in MT! Makes ya wonder if anyone on the Nat Geo staff or if anyone on the Yellowstone media staff had even watched the Yellowstone Live show to check the show's facts and film content for accuracy...BEFORE the Special aired. IMHO, the Nat Geo Yellowstone Live Special, probably, did more to help promote and encourage bad Yellowstone visitor behavior rather than to address and change it for the safety and well-being for all Yellowstone visitors and wildlife. The Park has far too many ignorant and arrogant visitors and rule violators, as it is, IMO. Rangers won't even give rule violators a citation or warning. So I fail to understand why the Park would help promote and encourage bad visitor behavior and such blatant disrespect for Yellowstone wildlife, its rules and regulations? I know, I know!! ;) Bet the Park was paid "beaucoup de bucks" for allowing NatGeo to broadcast the Live special from the Park. But the question is whether or not the NatGeo Special will help or hurt Yellowstone, in the long run. Sadly, in the media world, any news/info on a popular topic, whether good or bad (even fake news) has a tendency to increase a network's television viewers and ratings. I just hope that the money that Yellowstone and the NPS received for allowing Nat Geo to broadcast its live special from the Park will be put to good use like hiring additional rangers to enforce the Park's existing wildlife rules and regs, the Park's speed limit and educating visitors on the real dangers that are associated with walking, camping, hiking or when taking pix/shooting film in the wild. For me, the Nat Geo special was a bomb and did nothing to maintain the high standards that are normally associated with a Nat Geo program.
Well, at least authorities finally charged that dude that ran out on the road a couple weeks ago and taunted the bison. I also was astonished that Yellowstone Live actually showed a guy feeding what appeared to be a wild fox on national TV. I do believe that particular fox may have been a rescue animal that is no longer living in the wild, but they didn't even bother to caution viewers to never feed wild animals.

And did you notice that as the two hosts were wrapping up the program, they were practically crying and begging people to come to YNP that is already overrun with visitors? I want people to be able to see YNP, but I don't see how the begging is justified.

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