More good news for Grizzly .... 2018

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More good news for Grizzly .... 2018

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Another Grizzly bear hunter who received a tag to hunt has decided to Hunt with A Camera NOT a Gun...

More good news!
HUNT TAG RANKED #2 has joined to Shoot 'Em With a Camera. The tag winner for Hunt Area 1-6 is Kelly Mayor in Jackson, Wyoming. She intends to get out in the field with no intentions to hunt a grizzly.
Thank you Kelly!

What are the chances of 2 out of 22 tags in a total of 7,000 applicants, 5,827 of those resident applicants?

Please consider supporting these two remarkable people:

Grizzly 399 and cub by Deidre Bainbridge

Also check out this web page if you like.... ... right.html

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