Idaho moves to start Grizzly Bear Hunt in 2018

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Idaho moves to start Grizzly Bear Hunt in 2018

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Idaho may allow One Grizzly to be hunted in 2018.... What a disgrace like one less bear in Idaho is going to make a difference.... ... 451221002/

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Re: Idaho moves to start Grizzly Bear Hunt in 2018

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Pugman170, yes it's an absolute disgrace and should be a further wake up call, and graphic reminder of what the destructive "Tri State Agreement" is all about..... Trophy Killing off grizzlies to indulge the sorry Trophy Hunting Industry. ID is going to all these lengths for allegedly, ONE bear! Laughable, if not so tragically sad. This brings into question the real interests ID sportsman and controlling wildlife agencies apparently endorse and promote. If Idaho's population of grizzly bears is so precariously low that only ONE bear in the entire state is deemed acceptable for trophy killing, then how in the world can ID even promote, much less justify ANY grizzly trophy elimination? That makes zero, absolutely zero sense beyond the obvious! In other words, they are saying, "well, go ahead and see if you can find that ONE bear, if so trophy kill it, but then immediately stop/state quota exhausted based on population estimates." That's absurd and unbelievable. In reality aren't they fully really admitting, ID doesn't have any size grizzly population to support any hunting whatsoever? Doesn't that fly in the face of the purported "recovered" and "delisting" in the first place? Take only ONE and then y'all leave! In advance of the ONE bear trophy quota, how much state money did/does this charade generate from all sources trophy hunting related revenues, fees, taxes, license, etc.. for this frenzied ID trophy grizzly hunt of ONE BEAR!!!!! I suggest this bizarre disclosure alone is more than sufficient to immediately CEASE all three states plans for trophy grizzly hunting.

In fact, what ID has done could be considerably worse than bloody Wyoming. Why, "one ID grizzly versus twenty four WY trophy dead grizzlies" you may reasonably ask? Idaho, in order to draw attention to itself, as the pint size state, within the Tri State Agreement trophy killing triangle to trophy destroy grizzlies, has essentially advanced the scheduled aggressive, off the charts, 2018 Wyoming trophy bear kill race. Could ID be an envious, jealous, slighted neighbor? Hey.... give us more grizzlies to kill off so we can be like WY and bring in greater numbers of the trophy industry and their blood, not sport money. Why is killing just One grizzly (if naïve enough to really believe that one is going to be all that's killed) worse than the forthcoming 2018 wholesale killing off in WY?

Beyond ignorance and indignity, perhaps quite simple. Idaho is a vital land corridor to restore and allow the grizzly bear to naturally roam, forage and reproduce. Importantly, that soon to be lost corridor by the trophy shooters, adversely effects reproduction within its habitat, versus the well known and endangered island population of YST grizzlies that are endangered from well documented genetic isolation, shrinking habitat and Wyoming's, kill anything that moves, mentality. Therefore, ID trophy industry shooters will not only kill, but also further displace the grizzly and reduce or eliminate this vitally needed natural corridor movement. Both terrible misguided results and fully preventable by not allowing any state sponsored grizzly trophy hunting. Result....... unconscionably setting back one of the most viable and important conservation efforts to promote sustainable population. Sadly in ID and WY, it appears that actions speak louder than nicely, but hollow placed wildlife conservation, preservation, and tourism words. After the first year or so of trophy kills i.e dead grizzly bears, will MT give in with the feeling they had better proceed to hunt, rather than defer their own state bordered trophy grizzlies? After all, why should MT be left with scraps, if any bears are even left to trophy hunt, while WY and ID are well into second or third gear of trophy elimination?

Add Idaho to the shattered mirror image of Wyoming...........doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time and for all the wrong reasons. Two down, only one more to go..... before the trophy industry crowd has full geographic and political control, if they don't already .......
Seems like there is only one remaining question.............Montana, will you stand tall?

This is about grizzly bear preservation, nothing more, nothing less....simply NO HUNTING GRIZZLY BEARS as a state management preservation plan. They are not a sustainable "game" animal, nor should grizzly reduction, elimination, culling (pick your own term for trophy killing results) to the highest trophy bidder and mega financed special interest groups to the detriment of a nearly eradicated American iconic species. ID can only spare ONE bear for trophy hunting and claim the grizzly s recovered and needs to be hunted out to control population! If this doesn't cry out to slam the brakes on trophy hunting, I don't know what does.

The United States Department of Interior let the Genie out of the bottle less than a year ago by delisting ESA protection. Now the rapid results of that unleashed Genie are evident... where does the Genie now lurk?.....the trophy hunting industry's crosshairs awaiting grizzly bears at YNP/GYE boundaries...that same Genie all the while, remains invisible to the grizzly.... until suffering the immediate ripping, crushing bewildering pain and destruction of impact from behind those crosshairs. The finality of the impact is the moment of truth for state management plans of grizzly bear preservation and celebration within the trophy hunting industry. The Genie?......moves on perhaps to the next state and next grizzly, if there is one to even to be found. Recall, ID with its call to arms for trophy hunt can only "justify" quota of ONE grizzly to be the sounds of that, the Genie may indeed have a hard time finding another......

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