Steamboat Ready To Erupt ?

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Steamboat Ready To Erupt ?

Post by Mike »

In the last few days multiple news sites have reported minor eruptions of Steamboat Geyser,these have been both verified by witnesses and by monitoring equipment.The experts can't say whether this is pre-eruption activity or just blowing off steam.

I think that they have already started plowing so no one can reach it by snow coach or by auto yet,it would be a real shame if it fully erupted and there was no one there to record the event.

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Re: Steamboat Ready To Erupt ?

Post by lah »

From Facebook Monday
Kelly Inn West Yellowstone shared Yellowstone National Park's video.
6 mins ·

Yellowstone National Park
40 mins ·
After reviewing seismic and temperature data from sensors in the Norris Geyser Basin, scientists believe Steamboat Geyser erupted at 5:30 AM (MDT) on Thursday March 15. With most park roads closed for spring plowing, no one witnessed the eruption. Park employees reported seeing a significant steam plume late on the 15th, and park geologists shot this video on Friday, March 16.

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53m53 minutes ago

Video of Steamboat Geyser taken on March 16, more than 24 hours after an eruption documented by seismic and thermal sensors in the Norris Geyser Basin.
0:36 / 0:36
5m5 minutes ago
Like most geysers, eruptions of Steamboat can't be predicted: they may be days or decades apart. When it erupts, Steamboat reaches heights up to 380 feet. That makes it more than three times the size of Old Faithful, and higher than any other active geyser in the world!

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Re: Steamboat Ready To Erupt ?

Post by TNBob »

Mike, that's really intriguing news/development. Thanks for posting.

Do you have any tectonic geo thermal powers for a second eruption in late May? If so, kindly invoke for my May ;) trip

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