GTNP Road Construction

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GTNP Road Construction

Post by Mike »

Be aware that there will be road construction on US26 @ Gros Ventre Rd starting this spring and lasting through the fall. ... 3bb0b.html


Opinion......A traffic circle ? my town put a bunch of these in and they lasted about a year,more accidents,slowed the traffic down considerably,and cars and especially trucks(or their trailers) were always plowing right over the things knocking down signs

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Re: GTNP Road Construction

Post by RikWriter »

I have no personal opinion on them, but studies have shown they're the most efficient and safe arrangement.

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Re: GTNP Road Construction

Post by Loonphotog »

We have a bunch of rotaries here in the Northeast. The larger ones work quite well. Just remember the cars in the rotary have the right of way.

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