Trip Report May 8

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Trip Report May 8

Post by RikWriter »

Day started slow. I wasn't feeling great in the morning, so I slept in and didn't head into the park until 9:30AM.

Went to the Lamar first because it was snowing and I knew it would be snowing harder the further east I went. Out near the Buffalo Institute, I saw a grizzly sow with two yearling cubs way out on the other side of the river. Too far away for pics.

After lunch, I went east and came across a grizzly jam at the Fishing Bridge intersection. Got some okay pics of the bear from the hill above the parking lot.

Then I went up to Sylvan Lake and came across a dot fading over the hill that I was told was a grizzly. One of the gentlemen who had been there when it was closer showed me a cell phone pic and it looks like Snow.

Coming back, I happened across a black bear across the river near LeHardy Rapids, but it was too far for pics.

Then I came to Otter Creek and got some a-bit-far-away shots of a grizzly up the hill just before the Otter Creek pull-in. After it left, I drove down to see if I could find it further down but then came back and found a SECOND grizzly in the same place, this one older and with ragged ears and a collar.

A very beary day.

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Re: Trip Report May 8

Post by karenandbill »

Sounds like you had a great day! We just stayed close to home. I fed my birds and had finches, pine siskins and chickadees. Did take a drive around the lake and saw lots of pelicans, ducks, a muskrat, several hawks, and 8 bald eagles. We then drove out to big springs with nothing there, but we did see a moose in the river on the way back. We then had a large elk herd on the mountain behind our place and a beautiful sunset. So for staying close to home, it was a nice evening.
Good luck today.

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