May28 - June 6 visit YNP & GTNP

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May28 - June 6 visit YNP & GTNP

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Glad to see the site is back! I hope everyone has enjoyed their visits to the parks in the past few months. I had the opportunity to visit YNP and GTNP in late May and through the website met and hiked with TNBob through the Lamar Valley one morning. Bob was great company and I shared one of my favorite hikes in the Park.
My daughter joined me during my visit and we hiked several back country trails both in YNP and GTNP.
We saw 53 bears during our hikes. (45 grizzlies, 8 black bears)
There were 2 close encounters with grizzlies during our hikes which included one grizzly charging full tilt towards us before changing course and killing a bison calf right in front of us. Some of the trails had deep snow, but our favorite trails delivered many grizzlies,23 wolves,5 coyotes,7 moose and of course a stampeding herd of bison.
The weather was very comfortable and my daughter and I developed many friendships with local residents that we have contacted since our return.
Yellowstone never fails to provide unique wildlife viewing opportunities and seeing 399 & cubs, Raspberry & Snow, Blondie, 610, Quad Mom & cubs, Beryl Spring Mom & cubs and many others during our time in both parks was really special.
Thank you again to TNBob for his time to hike with me and I look forward to returning in October to hike some more back country and enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

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