Junction Wolves Sat. Sept 26

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Junction Wolves Sat. Sept 26

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We woke up to rain Saturday morning which was a great relief. It helped clear out the smoke and give us some much needed moisture. But that changed our plans from heading to the Tetons and hiking our favorite trail. So instead, we headed out to Lamar to see if the wolves were still visible. We arrived about 7:45 and it was pretty crowded, but we managed to get a parking spot off the road.

The puppies were out closer to the river than the last time we saw them which made for some pleasant viewing.

Imagewolvesfall20 010 by William Reinke, on Flickr

There were also several adults that came through before heading back into the trees.

Imagewolvesfall20 003 by William Reinke, on Flickr

Some of the puppies played with an old carcass for a while, but eventually all headed back towards the trees.

Imagewolvesfall20 006 by William Reinke, on Flickr

The bison have mostly moved out of the area where the wolves are. There are a lot of mouths to feed with 18 pups. So I wonder if the wolves won't move along, following the bison to the west. Hopefully, they stay within sight, at least most of the time. It has been a great summer for wolf watchers.

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Re: Junction Wolves Sat. Sept 26

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Good shots!

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