Huge Grizzly Guarding Elk Kill Sept 19 Update Sept 22

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Huge Grizzly Guarding Elk Kill Sept 19 Update Sept 22

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Update September 22--The grizzly is still there on the carcass. This is day 5 of his vigil. He has been eating on it, but it is hard to tell how much is gone because he keeps covering it with dirt. We stopped by today just as several Wapiti wolves showed up in the trees behind him. We did not get a photo as they were gone before we got settled. It will be interesting to see if the wolves make a play for some of it. They took a look at it this morning but decided not to try.

Sept. 19--Decided to take a trip into Hayden Valley to see if the Wapiti wolves were out as they were seen several days ago. As we approached Hayden from the north, there was a big traffic jam. We asked one of the people walking back and he told us there was a big bear by the river next to a dead elk. Sure enough as we rounded the bend, there was a huge grizzly laying on top of a bull elk at the edge of the river on the opposite shore. Fortunately we were able to get a good parking space for a better look and some photos. As we settled into a good spot, he got up and seemed to stare right at us. We were glad there was about 50 yards of river between us and him!

Image055 by William Reinke, on Flickr

He is one of, if not the biggest grizzly we have ever seen. We may have seen him two years ago about a half a mile away from where he is now, and if so, he is even bigger now.

Image099 by William Reinke, on Flickr

He then started digging, trying to bury his prize. He apparently chased this bull elk into the river and then drowned him, turning and pulling him back to shore. This was the day after the kill and it appeared he had not eaten on it, but was just guarding it closely.

Image094 by William Reinke, on Flickr

Update: On Sunday, September 20, the griz is still guarding his kill, but still does not appear to have eaten on it. What's up with that!
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Re: Huge Grizzly Guarding Elk Kill Sept 19

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Drove by on Saturday. We didn't stop due to the crowds. There is a video on You Tube of the entire capture sequence.

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Re: Huge Grizzly Guarding Elk Kill Sept 19

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Great photos! A HUGE grizzly for sure. Saw the YouTube video of the bear taking down the elk. It's amazing. Wonder why the bear hasn't been feeding on the carcas. That's strange. Still, great photos. Thanks!

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