Junctions and Pups Have Moved Sept 12

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Junctions and Pups Have Moved Sept 12

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This past week the Junction Butte wolf pack has left the Slough Creek area and now have all relocated to Lamar Valley. They are being seen just east of the Yellowstone Institute around a couple of grassy knolls and wander back into the trees as the day gets warmer. They still some distance out, too far for pictures, but closer than they were at Slough Creek. We were out Saturday morning and had 17 in view at once, mostly pups and yearlings (they are now almost impossible to distinguish). They were running and playing in the grass, just having a good time. They have had some good feeding this past week so they just seemed relaxed and happy, at least until a grizzly showed up.

A young, skinny-looking grizzly was meandering along between the wolves and the aspens. The wolves noticed and quit playing, all watching the griz. As it came closer, one of the adults decided it was too close and ran up to challenge it. He was quickly followed by several other wolves and they started chasing the griz who retreated back towards the trees. They were relentless in their harassment moving the griz away form the pups who were intently watching, some moving towards the encounter, providing "back up". The griz would sometimes retaliate and chase one of the wolves who quickly retreated. But others would circle behind. At one point the griz stopped with a large boulder at its back and faced the wolves. They were careful but still kept up the harassment pushing the griz further into the trees. Then they decided it was far enough away and stopped the pursuit.

They meandered around in the trees and gradually the pups and rest of the wolves joined them. They were still somewhat visible but not very active so we headed out. Another great day!

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Re: Junctions and Pups Have Moved Sept 12

Post by Dorothy »

Wow -- sounds like a great time! Thanks for the great report. Hope they'll hang around long enough for us to get a look at them!

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Re: Junctions and Pups Have Moved Sept 12

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Awesome report. Thanks!

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