Wolf Update

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Wolf Update

Post by TeeJay »

I'm so happy the park is finally open, and the reports coming out regarding the wolves is very interesting. The Wapiti's are being seen daily in Hayden Valley, which is encouraging. The Mollies are being seen in Round Prairie, and today I was informed that the Junction Butte's have 18 PUPPIES!!! 18!!!

I can't get to the park until the beginning of August, but that is exciting news for any wildlife lover. I can't imaging how that pack is going to care for 18 pups, but it's truly amazing. I can't wait to see pics. Word is that 3 females had pups and they are in their usual den area.

Anyway, I'll post more updates as I get them.

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Re: Wolf Update

Post by RikWriter »

I got some incredible shots of the Wapitis in the last week of May. There were 7 of them on a carcass in the Hayden, and at least one was on it for hours.

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Re: Wolf Update

Post by karenandbill »

Yeah, we saw two in round prairie but not close enough for our poor photo equipment. Also a lone black wolf dot at the Junction Butte den. Can't wait for your photos, Rik.

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