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Trip Report June 22-28

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 5:50 pm
by billandkaren
I just saw a post asking for the latest animal sightings in the parks so I thought I would give a quick update of our trip to our place by Henry's Lake. Our son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law came out from Michigan for a visit so we had to take them into the parks several days. In Grand Teton we saw a mother fox and one of her kits by the den at the store in Colter Bay. The kit was really cute. No bears but I heard they have been seen on a fairly regular basis. There were people out with a scope looking up on the hillside off Roosevelt Parkway between the parks but there was nowhere for us to safely park so not sure what they were looking at.

As for Yellowstone there was some activity but not to the degree that we saw in May. Cinnamon bear on the west edge of Lamar Valley. We just missed seeing two different wolves but they were a long way out and had bedded down. One was at hitching post and one near the institute. Mountain goats were out at Barronette Peak and we had some good views with a scope. Another cinnamon bear between Roosevelt and Tower. Another day we headed through Hayden. Not much there until about 30 minutes before sunset we saw two different grizzlies just north of the Mud Volcano area.

The last day heading out we saw three grizzlies, likely a sow and two nearly full-grown cubs, in a field making their way toward the national forest. We had seen elk, coyotes, moose, and a single bison in this area but never bears. Hope they made it into the national forest without causing problems for themselves or humans. They were in a field with cattle and homes not too far away. It was about 6 AM and they seemed to be moving steadily toward the forest. Hopefully, it turned out well.