Tuesday May 28. Day 6

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Tuesday May 28. Day 6

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Off to Lamar at six. Had a beautiful drive through pebble Creek and the Willows and pulled off with others to shoot a grizzly Sow and her two cubs combing the Hillside near Slough Creek. It looked like they were going behind the hill so we decided to pull around to let them come to us. As we did a mama elk came barreling down the hill. Of course the grizzlies did not come around the hill and we heard yelps from the elk mom. Walking back around the hill we saw the grizzly and cubs on the calf. Poor mama never left while the whole event took place. A nearby bison briefly chased the Bears off the kill, but it wandered off and the Bears reclaimed their prize. What a sight to see. Editing this to add that despite weather forecasts, it was another beautiful day so we took the opportunity to hike to Trout Lake. A beautiful hike but little in the way of wildlife this year. We headed west towards Little America and Roosevelt, stopping at the Yellowstone picnic area for a bite and to shoot some juvenile and female big horns. I have yet to see one of the truly big guys. We headed up to Tower and watched the year and a half old club grubbing on the hillside south of rainy lake. After it had its fill it scampered up a tree and settled in for what appeared to be a nice snooze. We decided to head to Mammoth. Saw the bull moose again at elk Creek. We pulled over near Blacktail Plateau for a fox crossing the road, drove into Gardiner and then back to Mammoth to try to check in but the cabins would not be ready until 430. We haven’t walked the terraces for quite a few years so we parked and admired the beautiful formations. Back into Gardiner after check-in still looking for the elusive big Horn and Mountain goats. Grabbed a salad and pizza in Gardner, packed the leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch, and headed back to the cabin. Saw an Osprey catch a fish but totally blew the shot. We strolled into the map room to listen to piano and go over some of today’s shots. I never realized one of the capitals on the wooden map on the wall was mislabeled. Kind of like the five legged goat at the contemporary resort at Disney. Walked back to the cabin for another good nights sleep.

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