Monday 5/27 Day 5

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Monday 5/27 Day 5

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Leaving Canyon, we decided on one more run to the south before moving operations to the north end of the park. Saw the great grey owl again but in tough light. Still an awesome experience. Heading back north we saw some elk near the lake, and headed north over Dunraven to petrified tree, then back to LaMar. Pronghorn were close, more elk and bison on route to Slough Creek. Wondering if the golden eagle nest is not in use? I’m always a couple of years behind the times on these things. We decided to head to Mammoth and had lunch at sheepeaters rather than hike Trout Lake. Hopefully the weather holds for tomorrow for that. Driving past the aspens Near specimen Ridge Trail, we vowed to stop at some time to see what birds everyone was shooting. Passing through elk Creek we saw a Bullmoose grazing in the distance. A nice although small rack in velvet. Pulled in to Mammoth and saw all the elk and a couple of cute babies with their moms. Officers row was nicely decorated for memorial day. Saw the yellow bellied marmot‘s and chipmunks at sheepeater. Kept bear spray on the belt after being surprised last spring Buy a black bear while walking across the parking lot. You just never know! We headed back towards Lamar and drove to Tower and watched a year and a half old black bear cub rooting around across rainy Lake. It was cute what it stood up to look around, we continued on and pulled off by the aspens and saw a few small birds flitting around. One bird stayed put, an American kestrel scanning the fields for prey . I’ve heard others have seen a woodpecker hollowing out a nest But we didn’t see it moving on once again through Slough Creek and why not? Sure it’s a bumpy road, but there are facilities at both ends in case your kidneys get knocked about! We shot a few more red dogs and saw the sand hill laying flat on its nest. Quite the dedicated mom. Then it was in to cook city for the night where we had a ribeye and trout that were cooked to perfection at the bistro and had a great nights sleep at the super eight.

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