Saturday 5/25 Day 3

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Saturday 5/25 Day 3

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Set the alarm for 5:20 but we were up at Five since were still on East Coast time. Had a quick cup of coffee in the room and headed out to look for the great Gray owl again. Nada. Drove past Lake Lookout and turned around and headed back we stopped at the look out and chased a few mountain bluebirds around but they wouldn’t sit still for us then we shot a male dusky grouse who was calling but did not display. Leaving there we came upon snow giving a performance at steamboat point, Crossing the road towards the lake.She really seems to be getting way too Comfortable around people. Took another look for the great gray but skunked again.Had a quick bite at a pullout overlooking the lake then checked out of our hotel. We drove north towards Hayden and saw some peopleChecking out a Grizzly on a bison carcass across the river. We dropped back one over look to the south and walked in 100 yards or so to the river bank to take a few shots.We then drove north to pull into Nez Perce but therewere crowds ahead watching a coyote. We snapped a few shots then drove back to LeHardy to try shooting with the 600 mm this time. Back on the road north through Hayden we saw a grizz and cub way off in the distance. We decided to head west and drove to Norris then North to obsidian but turned around before the construction.Back to Canyon Lodge and got lucky because our room was available for early check in. We had a cup of teaAnd a rest, then went to the store for huckleberry ice cream. Turns out they don’t sell it! They said the Mountainberry is similar and it was very good, but I can’t help but think we’re missing something. We may have to seek it out at Tower tomorrow.Rejuvenated, we drove up to Dunraven then back down through Hayden where we saw a crash with two vehicles one of them in the middle of the marsh and maybe some bison road rash fur on the road? Stopped at LeHardy once again for the harlequins and a pair of visiting mergansers. Bird in the hand so to speak.Then a quick look for the owl but no luck.Heading back to Canyon we sat for an hour in the traffic caused by the accident. I started the car to turn around for the long loop and then noticed cars being let through! Had a bite at the fresh wok and back to the room.
I checked my notes for SundayAnd it’s a long one. That might have to wait a day or two until we have Wi-Fi again
Overall we been happy on the weather knock wood. Some rain but also some beautiful son. Nothing to affect our feuding and shooting. That’s VIEWING! Jeez!

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Re: Saturday 5/25 Day 3

Post by billandkaren »

Thanks for the report. Sounds like you are having a great time except for sitting in traffic.

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Re: Saturday 5/25 Day 3

Post by Nikon_nerd »

Great report Rick! Sounds like you're seeing quite a bit. Good luck the rest of your trip!

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