5/26 Day 4

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5/26 Day 4

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<t>After a long rest and a leisurely breakfast we decided to go to Grand Prismatic Spring. But the Bison had other plans for us. Shortly after leaving the Madison campground area we came upon a Bison jam. We waited for about a half hour with no real progress and decided to bail out. We headed back to Norris so we could go over to Fishing Bridge. Over by LeHardy the Steller's Jay pair made an appearance. No construction going on at Fishing Bridge so that was an easy trip but I think all the animals were sleeping in today like we did. We figured maybe we could sneak up on Grand Prismatic from the south side. When we arrived there we could not believe the crowd! Thursday and Friday were not bad with crowds, and Saturday wasn't much worse. But today was a very noticeable difference. We come here to get away from that sort of thing so we didn't even try to find a parking space. It's back to the East side of the park for us. As we continue on we find another Bison jam, sort of. This time it isn't the Bison causing it but the people who insist on stopping and taking video of the Bison laying beside the road. they just don't care how long they are stopped or how many people are waiting behind them. Luckily we didn't have to wait long in the direction we were traveling. I watched the odometer as we passed the stopped cars and there was a good 2 miles of traffic. We had lunch at Whiskey Flat Picnic area. There is a little wetland area there so we pulled up a log and ate lunch while we listened to the frogs and watched some Ibis feeding in the water. Ahhh relaxing. Onward to Mammoth and we don't find any activity at all. Over to Tower, nothing, then out through the Lamar valley. Time to head back to Gardiner. Somewhere along the way there is a Red Fox hunting who doesn't mind an audience. In town we pick up a Hell's Roaring Pizza at Yellowstone Pizza Company. Back at the room, just as we sit down to eat a quick thunder storm rolls through. (Hell 's Roaring?) According to the weather service there is more coming and could be hail as big as ping pong balls. I don't think that part will affect us but not really sure. Here comes more thunder. Keeping our fingers crossed.</t>

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Re: 5/26 Day 4

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Yes, the bison jams can be frustrating. Sounds like you are doing well otherwise. Thanks for the report.

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Re: 5/26 Day 4

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Thanks for the report -- I've been in many types of bison jams and they CAN be really frustrating. I've been thinking of trying Grand Prismatic's new trail this trip, but not sure it will be worth braving the crowds. Guess we'll see what it's like when we get there. Thanks again for the report!

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