5/25 Day 3

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5/25 Day 3

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It's official...We outsmarted the wolves! We left our room in Gardner by 4:30 and arrived an hour later. We only waited about 45 minutes until someone anxiously announced "They're coming"! They had been seen about 5 miles to the east and we watched them come in through the sagebrush. A black and a grey. About the time they were directly in front of us at the pullout, there was a 2nd black that came down the hill above the carcass. The 3 joined together to check out the feast. The larger black wolf didn't appear to eat at all but kept a watch over the other two as they fed. The grey, a one year old we were told, ate the longest and was frisky and wanted to play. Even though they arrived form two different directions, they all left together. At Pebble creek we came upon a Bull Moose grazing. Then two men came and were surprised that there was a bull since they were watching two cows. We hadn't even seen those, but 3 moose are what we all eventually saw. Teamwork! A large black bear across from specimen trailhead and a cinnamon walking through the wrecker pullout finished our first drive through the Lamar valley this morning. On down to Hayden valley and maybe the road will be open by now. Very little happening construction wise so it wasn't a terrible drive. At Mary's Bay there is indeed a bear. Finally, for the first time we get to lay our eyes on Snow! It's a beauty. After that we head back to the Le Hardy rapids area. In all of the Memorial trips that we have made we have never seen the Harlequin ducks. They always leave before we get there. But today is another first for us. They are still in the area and ready for their close-ups. And a Bonus first time - In the parking lot we find not one but two beautiful Steller"s Jays. Nothing major over on the road from Norris to Mammoth. Near Blacktail Plateau drive there are 2 black bears way across on the hillside but I think only one photographer saw them. Everyone else was looking at the 2 Sandhill Cranes in front of them. Between Petrified tree and Roosevelt down off the road there is a black bear and 2 tiny cubs who, according to one young girl, "are the most adorable things ever". I agree. They were in the mood to play! One grabbed on to mom's back leg to hitch a ride and the other tried to climb up on her back. It could only get it's paws up there and stick it's head up above her back and the rest of it was just hanging down the side of her as she ambled along tasting the different grasses. Eventually mom had enough and kicked one off and nipped at the other to remove it from her back. But they didn't mind, they went back for more. At Picnic area we saw a Unicorn. One of the sheep had one horn and a little nubbin. 2 Moose across the river from Trout Lake, Mtn Goats at Barronette, A grizzly walking near the road east of Institute, A bull Moose at Floating Island and a coyote round out the day. This trip has been incredible and it's only half over. Temps have ranged from mid 30's to 59 degrees today. A few showers and light snow here and there but nothing major. We even had glorious sunshine poking through the clouds off and on. No plans for tomorrow. We'll see what we feel like when we get to wherever.

I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.
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Re: 5/25 Day 3

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Thank you for your very successful trip report! My husband and I saw Snow as a cub and hope to catch her again in a few weeks when we make our our next trip.

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Re: 5/25 Day 3

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Great report YNPjeepers! You sure are seeing a lot of animals. Sounds like a great trip so far.

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Re: 5/25 Day 3

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Jeepers! What a great day!
Congratulations, and keep it up!

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