5/23 Day 1

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5/23 Day 1

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We have eagerly read theses reports in anticipation of our own trip and today it began!

We left northern Utah at 5:00 am and battled high winds all the way to Idaho, then it was nothing but blue sky and sunshine, until we got to West Yellowstone. Cloudy skies and the threat of rain! We were pleasantly surprised to have only a few minutes of tiny little sprinkles throughout the whole day. On the Madison we found the carcass with no problem since there were quite a few people there. There was an immature Bald Eagle feeding on it and a second one sitting on a dead tree nearby. Sandhill Cranes seen throughout the day. We saw the Momma Griz and 2 grown kids digging for grubs just past Roaring Mountain. It started snowing tiny flakes for about15 minutes. Checked into our room in Gardener to find we had been given an upgrade due to overbooking. Won't turn that down! There was a Moose just past Petrified Road. From the turnout just past the Calcite parking lot we could see the nest in the top of the dead tree across the road. There is an owl in it but we're not sure if any young ones are in there. I think I saw a little head pop up for a second. Mtn. Goats on the cliffs at Pebble Creek. Drove out to Baronnette and back to find a gentleman who pointed out a Grizzly and 2 little cubs high up on the hillside just beyond Pebble Creek. Watched a Bald Eagle fishing in the river by Soda Butte Cone. At hitching post we found a group of people who were very excited. Standing on top of their tool box in the back of their truck they kept pointing at the hillside across the road. Could it be? An elusive wolf? No. There were 2 very nervous elk, one grizzly and one black bear sharing the area. Moving on we stop a little past the Institute and hear there are 2 Bald Eagles on the nest. Finally we find the two white dots side by side in the tree tops. Passing by Yellowstone Picnic area we find a group of ewes. Back to Roosevelt junction and we decide to check for the black bears. We only get as far as the side road into the Roosevelt area and a man parked off the side by the corrals motions to us. The four bears are right on the hillside. It's not long until they cross the road and then the cars start to accumulate. A black bear by Hellroaring and a young Blonde bear crosses the road just beyond there. Based on the previous reports and the weather forecasts we were expecting a slow, possibly wet day. It turns out to be a very good first day indeed.

I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.
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Re: 5/23 Day 1

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Quite a good first day.
Hope the luck keeps going.

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Re: 5/23 Day 1

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Glad things started off well for you. Nice to get an upgrade :P Hope the crowds aren't too bad for you over the weekend.

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