May 22

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May 22

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I started the day at 5:30 watching the great grey owl hunt. I got some nice, close-up perched shots, but it was 5:45 and cloudy so they were at ISO 16,000 or some such thing.
Went from there out to the Lamar Valley and started slow. Didn't see much close enough to photograph, though I did watch a grizzly sow with two yearling cubs from about 300 yards away at Slough Creek.
After that, I got a very pretty cinnamon black bear at Yellowstone Picnic Area and a 3-4 year old black bear out past Pebble Creek.
Then the highlight of the day, a badger in Little America.
Got a few pronghorn shots and got a flight shot of what might have been a golden eagle in the Lamar.

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