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May 16 Sly as a Fox

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 7:27 pm
by billandkaren
We were in the park several days this past week. On Tuesday we hiked the Rescue creek trail. Saw pronghorn, a pair of sandhills, a redtail hawk, and most surprising a sora rail. Bears in the usual spots. Went back in on Thursday and got to see a mom and yearling black bear play fighting on a lower limb of a tree at Elk Creek. After mom climbed down junior proceeded to do gymnastics on the limb. 😃 very cute!

We then went to hike the trail up to the petrified forest. This was our first time and weren't sure we were on the right trail. We had to veer around and shoot the gap through a bison herd trying to keep that 25 yard distance. Made it no problem. Soon we started climbing. I saw a grizzly on a distant hillside moving into some trees. Steep climb but beautiful. I still wasn't sure we were on the right trail. But finally saw a stump of rock. Yah!!!😀. Saw several more and it was exhilarating to see the 360 view.

Even though it was mid afternoon, We drove out to Lamar to see if anything was out. At Hitching post there were some people out with cameras on a nearby knoll so we stopped and asked someone leaving what was out there. A sleeping fox. We were surprised to see it was very close, maybe 30 feet below us. It was stretched out on its side by a sagebrush and looked almost dead. I saw it twitch an ear and barely open an eye once. But I commented to Karen that it must be sick to be laid out like that so close to people. I was taking some video when all at once in a flash it was up and dashing almost towards us. We heard on squeak and then saw a ground squirrel in the fox's mouth. It went behind a bush, buried it, then came back out, laid down, and went back to sleep! Sure had me (and an unfortunate ground squirrel) fooled. If I can learn to post pictures I'll get some on after we get home.