Trip Report - Day 0 May 19-23

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Trip Report - Day 0 May 19-23

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My nephew flew in from Kauai to meet me in Washington and we drove half way yesterday. So today starting from St. Regis, we were able to get to the park after checking in at our hotel in Gardiner for a few hours. Saw more Elk and Muleys than usual for mid-afternoon driving from Livingston to Gardiner. The usual elk welcoming committee was out in Gardiner. Drove from Mammoth to Pebble Creek parking area in Lamar, then back to Tower and then back to Gardiner.

Saw virtually nothing (as expected considering it was mid-afternoon) until we were on our way back. Lamar was especially quiet. There were both Big Horn Ewes and Antelope hanging out around the Yellowstone Picnic area. Around the time we passed them the drizzle turned into real rain. Then on our way back there was the two tagged and collared cinnamon sow and cub by the road near Elk Creek. It was raining quite hard and no one followed the parking rules, but I dropped my Nephew off and he was able to get a couple of great shots of the cub. He also got a nice shot of the sow doing the doggy shake the water off thing. Then another black bear was about 25 yards from the road past Hellroaring but there was no where safe to pull off and the rain was steady. We took our chance we will see another black bear before we are done.

So the "real" part (today was just the bonus) starts tomorrow. See you at the pullout.

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Re: Trip Report - Day 0 May 19-23

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Thanks for the report! Hope the rest of your trip is great, too. Good luck on seeing another black bear!

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