2-night trip June 10-12

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2-night trip June 10-12

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Camped June 10th at Bridge Bay, June 11th at Mammoth Campground.
The first morning, the 10th, I got Snow and her yearlings on the beach at Sedge Bay. Saw three black bears in the Canyon area at different times through the late morning and early afternoon. Saw one of 864's newly-kicked-out cubs at Mud Volcano. That evening, I saw Raspberry and her COY in the deadfall near Nine-Mile. Came back to Bridge Bay and got a fox in the meadows by the marina.

The 11th, I went to Lake Butte Overlook and got Raspberry and her COY right next to the parking lot at the top. In the afternoon, I went to Mammoth and then, in the late afternoon, went towards the Lamar. Saw three black bears (sow and 2 yearling cubs) somewhere past Undine Falls. Saw a black bear sow and her yearling at Slough Creek. Saw several coyotes and also saw the begging fox near Baronette.

The 12th, went east and got Raspberry and her COY at Lake Butte again, then headed out.

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Re: 2-night trip June 10-12

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Sounds like a nice little trip. Thanks for the report.
Robin and I will be headed out there July 5th and meet the kids (driving out) the 9th through the 16th GT and Yellowstone. I need to sharpen up on names and locations. :D

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