Yellowstone and Grande Teton favorite Pics

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Re: Yellowstone and Grande Teton favorite Pics

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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them. The Grizzly bear pictures were taken outside of GTNP, but well inside the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. The first picture in my series of pictures is my favorite Grizzly picture of all time. The one where you have the sow and cub together in the logs. I was driving to see if I could find a different grizzly that morning when I looked out my window in a place I never thought I would see bears, and yet there they were....I stopped the car and threw my egg Mc muffin all over my wife so I could grab my camera. With no time to check camera setting I started shooting pictures. My wife and I enjoyed watching these two grizzly bears for about 30 minutes before they walked off. I use a Canon 5D3 with a Canon 500 F/4 L IS with 1.4 extender. Those pictures are taken at 700mm.

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