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Post by bridger1215 »

Beautiful warm and sunny weekend in the Park. I ran Lamar both days looking for bears but got skunked. Mammoth campground was full so I had to backtrack to Yankee Jim Canyon to park the trailer. It's probably about time to open up the rest of the campground as there were RV's parked overnight in the pullouts both in and out of the Park. No side roads are open as of yet and it sounds like there is an abundance of snow heading south but I did hear the Wapiti's were spotted along with some bears.

ImageYNP1-9509 by john morris, on Flickr

ImageYNP1-9554 by john morris, on Flickr

ImageYNP1-9627 by john morris, on Flickr

ImageYNP1-9660 by john morris, on Flickr

ImageYNP1-093859 by john morris, on Flickr

ImageYNP1-9596 by john morris, on Flickr

ImageYNP1-9747 by john morris, on Flickr

ImageYNP1-9653 by john morris, on Flickr

ImageYNP1-9685 by john morris, on Flickr

ImageYNP1-061713 by john morris, on Flickr

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Re: 4/21-4/22/2018

Post by Dorothy »

Some great photos. You may have been skunked in regard to bears, but you had some other great sightings. Thanks for sharing!

My sister and I got up to Grand Teton a couple of weeks ago -- didn't make it all the way to Yellowstone. Saw huge herds of elk and at least 12-15 different moose out in the sage flats in the snow (incredible sight), including three different mom-baby pairs (well, baby from last year). Saw some HUGE wolf tracks in the snow -- blasted wolf had to have been there no more than 10-20 minutes before we were there, but we didn't see anything of it other than the tracks -- which still made for a great "sighting." No bears (sigh). Have no way to download photos at this point, so can't add any photos to the report, but it was tons of fun.

Will be heading to BOTH Yellowstone and Grand Teton in about 10 days or so, so if anyone can give me a heads up on where there might be animals to see, I'd be very appreciative. I really appreciate all those who are sharing photos and reports of their trips to two of my favorite national parks.

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Re: 4/21-4/22/2018

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This early in the year, many gather around the north entrance due to the lower elevation. Ive also had great luck in Lamar and Hayden valleys, with my personal favorite being Lamar.

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Re: 4/21-4/22/2018

Post by Dorothy »

Thanks! I appreciate the response. We'll be staying in Gardner for a couple of days, so that should be perfect for us to check out that area and Lamar (which is one of our favorites, too). We're SO looking forward to being there. I understand it IS open between Norris and Mammoth now? Although still delays with the construction? I hope so, as going around the outside to get up there and back again would be tough. Unfortunately, it looks like the south entrance isn't going to open until after we head down toward Grand Teton, so will have to go around that time. Will try to report on anything we see when we get back. Can't wait!

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Re: 4/21-4/22/2018

Post by yellvet »

John, thanks so much for sharing your report and pix with us. I always look forward to seeing your beautiful images!

And,Dorothy, have a wonderful Park trip! And be sure to post a trip report when you get home.

FYI....Last month the snow pack up in the Beartooth Mountains was running 160% above normal....wow! :shock: Got home from down south two weeks ago. The mountains were still buried in snow and we've had about 8 inches more along the north slope near Nye. Temps almost hit 60 yesterday, so the snow is melting fast. I know how challenging the slushy, snow-packed/icy mountain roads can be in the spring. So please be careful. Lots of new little bunnies, geese, deer, ducks, bighorn sheep, coyotes and birds in our area right now. So, hopefully, you'll have plenty of wildlife action in the Park. Have fun on your adventure! :)

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