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Re: Gear Question

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It's tough (but fun!) getting ready. We're 9 days out and I'm laying things out now, will finish over the weekend. I really wish I took a pic of how I carried everything last year. The 600 was a bit too wide for the carry on with the pelican insert, so that went in the Lowepro lenstrekker. The rest of the optics went in the carry on. The lens trekker is carry on legal (at least the older one is), but it's too large to be considered a personal item. That said, since we're both allowed one carry on and one personal item on United, I'll claim the carry on and my wife's smaller backpack while she claims the lens trekker and her purse. If I can fit it all, I'll use the same gear as last year, but I'm trying to squeeze in a 300/2.8 for low light conditions.

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Re: Gear Question

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Hey, Rick, just wanted to wish you a successful Park trip. Looking forward to seeing your 2019 trip reports and pix, especially, the ones taken with your 300/f2.8. That lens was at the top of my lens wish list in 2015, but I ended up getting the 400/f4 prime because of the weight difference. So I'm curious to see if I made a mistake or not. Your pix will make an excellent show and tell. I took some pix yesterday of George and Greta, our local mated goose couple with the 400/f4. They were waddling through a snowy field and were less than happy with the weather. Seems like Old Man Winter just won't open its door to let the Spring in. Gonna take a walk down by the River this morning to see how the geese are doing. Seeing the sun out with a temp close to 50 is just too good to pass up. FYI...more snow and rain is expected on Friday. So stay warm, be safe and may you be blessed with lots of photo ops. Can''t wait to see your report and pix. :)

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