September / October Conditions

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Steve in the Library
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September / October Conditions

Post by Steve in the Library »

Hello! My wife and I realized this morning that there are really no good reasons preventing us from traveling to Yellowstone later this year. So, Yay! We're looking at staying in Canyon come September or early October '21 before it closes. We've been in the Park in June / July / August before, but we have never been there so late in the season. I'm curious what peoples' experiences have been regarding weather, crowds, early closures. We have some idea what to expect, but anyone's advice or comment is more than welcome. Thanks... and maybe keep your fingers crossed for us :D

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Re: September / October Conditions

Post by RikWriter »

In September, almost everything is open and it is still fairly crowded. Not as bad as July, but still crowded. By October, things are drastically different. Most things are either already closed or about to and the crowds have thinned out substantially. You can have snow and cold weather in September, but it usually doesn't last long. By October, you can have snow that sticks and the weather can get pretty cold.

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Re: September / October Conditions

Post by Kat »

My experience is limited to only three fall trips, but October is superior to September for me. The trip we had in September was during a fire year, and smokey haze was in the air, not allowing many distant views. October brought fresh, crisp air with magnificent visibility. Bull elk were gathering and protecting their harems, and moose seemed more visible near Round Prairie. The animals were growing their winter coats and looked regal. We’ve never been there after October 14, and we never hit serious snow which is always a possibility. Enjoy your trip!

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Re: September / October Conditions

Post by Dorothy »

My sister and I have been there many times in September and early-to-mid October. I LOVE October, as it seems to be less crowded and we've seen quite a few moose and elk and even sometimes bears. Mountain sheep are also often visible. And it's really beautiful. But September is a good time, too, and we've seen quite a few animals then. It's just more crowded, but it's often pretty busy with wildlife, too. As mentioned, more things are open in September but some things are beginning to close down in October (especially late October). We always try to get there before Dunraven Pass closes, as when it does, it's harder to get from the top of the park (Mammoth Hot Springs) down the Hayden Valley once the Pass closes (can't get down there on the East side -- say, from Lamar -- down to Canyon, you have to go around the west side to Norris and then over to Canyon). But this year, it won't matter as much as Dunraven Pass is closed all year.

Weather is trickier the later you get into the year, of course, but we've had some good luck with it.

If you have a chance to go, DO! Whether it's September or October, it'll be gorgeous and there's always a chance to see some fun and interesting wildlife. Good luck!

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Re: September / October Conditions

Post by karenandbill »

Good advice from the above posters. The only thing I would add is that this year it was crowded into October. This is probably an aberration due to Covid. However, it was still great! Also, you will need to see what lodging is still available. Fall colors can vary from year to year, but late September is usually peak.

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