Hiking (June) with good wildlife sighting opportunities

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Hiking (June) with good wildlife sighting opportunities

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I have been a couple of times to the park and always found that I saw the vast majority of animals along the roads, while driving, and comparatively few while hiking. There are of course good reasons for that but I wonder if anyone has suggestions for hikes, which offer reasonable chances for sightings. In particular, I would be interested in a 2-day loop with camping in the backcountry that would not compromise too much on the sightings (especially large mammals). We would be going around June 17th. I had thought of Slough Creek, but saw mixed feelings in a previous thread.

If you have any suggestions for day hikes, I am also very interested. I am already planning to go to Mt Washburn (I guess it would be a good time of the year for bears and sheep) and the trail South of the Yellowstone River Picnic Area for black bears and sheep.

If you have any suggestions outside the park and/or in Grand Teton NP, it is also of interest.

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Re: Hiking (June) with good wildlife sighting opportunities

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You mentioned a couple of good hikes maybe add the south rim trail or heart lake. I’ll be in the Park the first week of June. The Washburn trail is rarely open by then but you might have some luck. As far as bears on the trails, always carry bear spray maybe two cans. I lost a good friend and fellow photographer to a bear attack so I totally avoid bears in the back country. Good luck. You will have more success observing and photographing wildlife on or near the roads. Near the roads the animals have figured out people and cars are not that big of a problem. In the back country they are extremely cautious. For peace and serenity we all need a couple of long hikes. Just be careful.

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Re: Hiking (June) with good wildlife sighting opportunities

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I'm an avid solo day hiker and also some 10_12 mile backcountry hikes on and off trails. Around 25 trails except SW quad. Would not leave ANY TH w/o bear spray in quick draw position. I Will be in and around Yst mid/late May, my favorite productive time for bears. Mid June shouldn't be too much of pattern change, weather dependent.

A couple other suggestions. Terrace Mtn trail/Glenn Crk_Swan Lake Flats usually good grizzly chances. Big Horn Pass trail //west near Gallatin River . Don't know if the recent Bacon Bring fire alterted that, but by now suspect little if any dispersal. IMO same for other area trails in NW Gallatin Range (Black Butte, Specimen, Fawn Pass). Off trail hike in Lamar from Crystal Creek westward to Amethyst Creek (very open expanse) good, especially glassing ridges for grizzly. Hayden Valley Mary Mtn /east TH good opportunity on/off trail. *Of course, respect all applicable BMA zone info.

For black bear/Tower area and tad south to tiny Rainey Lake is very good.

Outside YNP consider Tom Minor Basin/Trail Creek west toward Ramshorn Peak. Thick Forrest . If you drop down to Tetons, the Two Ocean loop trail (8 miles) provide good chances. Also some great trails east in Shoshone NF east of Pahaska.

Probably TMI, but hope useful. Sometimes just a gut feeling for hike trail or area is best. Just never know luck of the draw on any given day or time.......

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