photography tour in June (5.-18.)

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photography tour in June (5.-18.)

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My girlfriend and I visited the park at the end of september last year and booked another trip for june this year. We both have big telephoto lenses to take our pictures from a distance and not disturb the animals.
Last time we drove through the park by car, but this time we would also like to go hiking. Can anyone recommend places and routes where animals can be seen?

what do you think about bearspray?

Does it make sense to have a radio?


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Re: photography tour in June (5.-18.)

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It’s always fun to take a hike or two or three but if your main intent is to focus on animals then I’d stick with the car. Many of the trails will be closed because of bear activity. I’ll be in the Park the same time you are and I’ll hike trout lake, buck lake trail. I’ll walk around Canyon junction looking for owls, and probably take the new grand prismatic trail. Never go out without bear spray, never. Spring is baby time and you will be awarded for going this time of year. Bring clothes for all weather because you’ll need winter weather wear, as well as spring attire. Best time of year to go I go several times a year and have been going for 40+ years. Have fun.

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Re: photography tour in June (5.-18.)

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Brad summed it up pretty well.

You're not going to see nearly as much if you concentrate mainly on hiking, but you may luck into some species that may not otherwise be found from the road. As mentioned, Trout Lake (otters) and the meadows around Canyon (Great gray owls) are two possibilities, though in either case it's not necessarily "prime time" in those areas (peak activity for otters starts around mid-late June, closer to the trout spawn... and at Canyon the meadows may still be waterlogged).

Definitely bring bear spray and have it on you at all times.


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