On the Firehole...

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On the Firehole...

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I have a question, a little bit of a mystery actually, and I'm gotten to the point where I'm just going to throw it out here to see if I can get an answer.

This past Summer, my son and his fiancee' visited the Park. On their last day there, they headed off on a hike to Lone Star Geyser. Now, I have no idea where they started from, but they did set out with the intention that it was going to be a relatively short hike. Incidentally, my son furthermore set out with the intention of asking his then-girlfriend to marry him at the geyser. They had met and fallen in love while working the season at Canyon a couple of years earlier. So it was going to (mostly) be a surprise for her, and romantic, and secluded.

Somewhere along this short trail, they took a wrong turn at a fork or a crossing, and it became what we know refer to as the Engagement Death March. They somehow got turned around and ended going off on some ten-mile loop. Long story short, they did come upon Lone Star. He was mortified. She was pissed. And they are engaged to be married on Memorial Day.

Anyway... they were hiking along the Firehole(?), and they came on something on the river that surprised my son. He took a wretched picture that he showed me. It was a concrete structure on the bank, and the only thing I could think of it looked it was a pumphouse. Concrete, pipe, maybe a ladder up to the roof, the size of a small room. Like I said, it was a bad photo, and I'm trying to remember it as best I can. It was the absolute last thing he expected to find out in the woods there.

So I guess I have a couple questions: 1) what was it? And 2) where in the Hell were they?

BTW, they got back to their car on the right trail.

If anyone has any the answers, we appreciate hearing them. Thanks!

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