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Patagonia 2019 Wildlife & Scenery Photos

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 10:38 am
by Max
I'm plowing through spring images, and have just finished processing photos from my tour in Patagonia in early May. I usually divide Patagonia photos into two galleries. Since I get so many puma photos down there, they usually get their own feature. This first gallery features all the non-feline wildlife plus a few random landscapes. Check out the full gallery here, and see a short preview below.

On our very first morning, we had a pretty nice sunrise. Some folks chose to shoot the mountains, while another client and I went looking for silhouettes.

Guanacos are everywhere, and they remind me of the elk in Yellowstone (the landscape has a lot of similarities too), but I have yet to get bored with them.

One of the best shoots of the trip was with a pair of Torrent Ducks. These are very similar to Harlequins in terms of behavior, though they obviously look different. Both the Torrent male and female are quite striking in appearance. This is the female.

...and here's the male.

Only one Austral pygmy owl sighting on this year's trip, but at least it stuck around a while.

There were a few other "firsts" for me, including this little White-tufted Grebe, which swam by while we were staking out a couple of puma cubs along a lake shore.

See the full Patagonia 2019 Wildlife & Scenery gallery here.

(Puma photos next week.)


Re: Patagonia 2019 Wildlife & Scenery Photos

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:33 pm
by billandkaren
Wow, Max. What beautiful photos. Seeing pumas (mountain lions) in the wild is on my bucket list. Maybe I'll have to go on your next excursion to Patagonia.