I can now, but couldn't log on

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Mike W.
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I can now, but couldn't log on

Post by Mike W. »

This is just a FYI to the kind people who put in time on this board. I tried loging on today and couldn't. I'm 99+% I had the password right along with the username. I eventually went for a password reset, used the last one I knew and it worked. I'm back on, all is well. But a FYI as others might be having problems.

FYI only, I need no response, I'm good.

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Re: I can now, but couldn't log on

Post by Dorothy »

Thank you! I had been having the same problem and could not figure out what to do (tried deleting cookies, tried contacting administrators, and nothing worked). I went ahead and hit the "I forgot my password" button and reset the password to the one I had always used and I can now sign in! Thanks again!

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